Peach Perfect Glute Bands


Introducing the new Peach Perfect Glute Bands

The peach perfect non-slip design and heavy resistance make them the perfect band for glute building. They can be implemented into your daily gym workouts for added resistance, and are also highly effective additions to any home workout plan.

The bands come in 3 colors:

  • Charm (Pink)
  • Strength (Black)
  • Passion (Red)

Why should you purchase THESE bands? Well, it’s simple…

Not only are these bands the greatest quality, highest resistance, and only true non-slip resistance bands that I have personally tried (really, I have tried a LOT and these are the best I’ve used), but I’m also going to show you how to use them!

The Glute Plan

Along with these bands, you’ll receive a full glute programme. I’m going to take you through:

  • Glute Activation and Warmup
  • How to Properly use the Peach Perfect Bands
  • A FULL Glute Programme
  • Tips and Tricks for Glute Building
  • Common Mistakes and How to fix them

That’s right, I’m not just giving you these bands and sending you on your way. I’m going to help you build your glutes!

Let’s get started!


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After testing various different workout bands over months, these ones came out on top, which is why I’m more than excited to be adding them to my brand; The Fit Club.

If you need help with workouts, online coaching, or have any general inquiries about products, please feel free to contact me at


Charm, Passion, Strength


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